Špela Perc

graduated from the University of Ljubljana, majoring in Public Relations. Dedicating her life to sports, she was a member of the Yugoslavian national figure skating team, and later on member of the Slovenian national Mountain Biking team. In her professional sports career she was a member of four World-championships, many European-Championships, and has several national titles in skating and mountain biking. After Spela retired from professional sports, she continued her studies and dedication to help others in personal growth. During her studies, Spela stayed active as a member of Slovene Federation for Fitness and Aerobics where she helped established different licensing programs and educating new fitness and aerobics trainers for the Slovene Fitness Association. Since Spela has always searched for new knowledge, aimed for better quality and has a love for pioneering, she traveled the world to find new ways of body movement and discover new concepts of training.

Perc developed her love for sports as a four year old when she was introduced to ice skating by her sister. She became immediately dedicated to the sports heading to the rink every day. As she showed high sports talent she began to compete as a figure skater in primary school and became member of Slovenian national team by age of 14. Spela successfully represented Slovenia on many international competitions including the European Championships and World Championship in Colorado Springs in 1992. During her skating career she won several national titles in former Yugoslavia, as well as Slovenia.

Due to her severe injury, Perc had to leave figure skating too early, but that didn’t stop her to return to sports once she recovered. She substituted figure skating with mountain biking and became the Slovenian national champion several years in a row, and successfully represented Slovenia on three World Championships in mountain biking.

After retiring from professional sports, Perc continued her studies and is dedicated to help others in their own personal growth. During her studies at University for Social Sciences in Ljubljana, Perc stayed active as a member of Slovene Federation for Fitness and Aerobics where she helped establish different licensing programs and educating new fitness and aerobics trainers for Slovene Fitness Association. Perc was also a national trainer of Less Mills Programs, including Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Combat and Body Balance, while being involved in many aerobic and fitness conventions across Europe.

Perc first got introduced to Pilates at a sports congress in London, and later in Germany she discovered the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. Perc was first to introduce Pilates and GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® in Slovenia and Eastern parts of Europe. She became the first certified Pilates, GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® trainer in Slovenia and in 2004 opened the first Holistic Center in Ljubljana. Her mastery of the art led her to writing a best-selling Pilates training book called “Beauty in Movement”, as well as two DVD’s: Pilates and Pilates Yoga.

Today, Perc is an owner of the Smart Movement studio in Oakville, Ontario where she ensures a holistic approach to training for professional athletes and other individuals in need of a unique approach to training. This approach includes putting a strong emphasis on sport activities, but also teaches one how to correctly manage stress, and achieve an inner peace, quiet and balance. Besides being an owner and creative director of Smart Movement, Perc continues her involvement in research and improvement of injury prevention and sports rehabilitation.


Nada Brezec

Nada Brezec is the co-founder of Smart Movement and this is the second project that her and Spela Perc have partnered on. Brezec and Perc first partnered in 2010, when Brezec bought into Perc’s Pilates and Holistic Center in Ljubljana. Brezec took on to the projects that Perc executed in previous years and together the duo organized annual Body and Mind Events throughout best hotels in Croatia and Slovenia. Their most successful and sold out events took place in Kempisnki Adriatic Hotel and Parentium Hotel in 2012 and 2013. During these events, the duo partnered with BMW, Mercedes Benz, Fructal, Acis, The Organic Pharmacy, Sense Spa, Endosphere therapy, Kyani. Medex, GNLD and Manicure Urban SPA to offer their top clients an exclusive retreat weekend. Their Pilates and Holistic center became the vehicle for brand party launches and marketing events. Brezec created after fashion week private sales events for Slovene fashion designers and jewelry retailers. The Pilates Holistic Center was not only offering top level Pilates and Gyrotonic trainer, but it was a center for promoting high-end brands such as Mercator, Krka, Kyani. The duo successfully sold their company in 2014 and started working on Smart Movement.

Brezec did her own training for certification in Stott Pilates mat and reformer and she trained under Monica Hoekstra (master trainer and founder of Absolute Pilates and Art of Smart Movement) for several years in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2012 Brezec completed Core Barre certification course and was also trained by Perc in Gyrtotonic in Ljubljana and Power Pilates in 2009 in Urban Pilates in Philadelphia.

Brezec is the business side of the dynamic duo, having earned her Bachelor degree in science in Criminal Justice from Indiana University and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at University of Phoenix. Her excellent GPA earned her an invitation to become a Member of Alpha Phi National Honor Society of Public and Environmental Affairs. Brezec speaks four different languages fluently. Before moving to the United States, Brezec worked as translator from French to Slovene and English for LeClerc. From 2008-2009 she was contracted by Futuristic Marketing to write column about her life in the USA for the woman and fashion website for Diva.si. At that time she worked as assistant for event organization and administrative work for Leopatra d.o.o and translator for magazine Avenija in Ljubljana.

From 2008-2010, Brezec was a business consultant and translator for business developing and law consulting companies Socius d.o.o. and Eudace d.o.o

Off the mat and outside the business world, Brezec is a mother of 2 and wife of a professional basketball player. As the wife of a professional athlete, Nada has lived and traveled throughout North America, Russia and Europe. She participated in many different charity programs such as NBA Cares, Basketball Without Borders Program in Treviso, Italy, 2005 and South African Republic, 2007. Brezec was invited by Heart Bright Foundation along with other local celebrities to participate in a fashion show and raise awareness for cardiovascular health in the Charlotte community. A natural on the runway, not only has Brezec and her eldest daughter participated in fashion shows together, but she was even invited to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NYC with Fergie and other celebrities, where her style landed her an interview with NBC to uncover more about her outfit. She has also participated in designer shoe events, where celebrities donate shoes to raise money and awareness for SAFE DRIVING ACTION, a fundraiser organized by Safe Roads Foundation in Slovenia.

Despite Brezec juggling between her business career, various family moving to different countries, completing studies and certifications, managing family properties and investments, participating in charity events, she remains a wife and mother, first and foremost. She is the former president (2011-2014) of the PTA of the IBM International School in Ljubljana and remains a board member of the PTA council for Elementary School VIC in Ljubljana. Brezec is also Vice-President of the board for NK Rudar Velenje soccer team and is always looking for new events and opportunities she can be a part of.