Body and Mind Events

Smart Movement is bringing a European experience to North America.  Our success in Europe was emphasized by our Body and Mind Events.  These weekend or weeklong seminars allowed our guests to escape the pressures and stresses of everyday life and learn how to re-connect with their bodies and minds.  Smart Movement has allowed us to launch these retreats in North America.  We offer a personal/group retreat, or can help you create and brand your own event with our program.

Body and Mind Detox Retreat

Our Body and Mind Detox Retreat allow you to escape the demands and stress of your life and re-connect and re-engage with your body, mind and self.  We offer the ultimate weekend escape, we can customize the experience to suit any of your personal/team needs or you can enjoy an experience of our creation.  Using gyrotonics, Pilates, yoga, spinal realignment, sound therapy, mediation and more, we are able to create the perfect environment for you to unplug from technology and reconnect with your body and mind.  These retreats do not require any previous knowledge or skills; we work with everyone and provide you will the tools to centre yourself throughout your day.

Body and Mind Corporate Events

Our Body and Mind Events are a unique branding, team building, product launch or retreat experience, which creates an unparalleled experience your clients, will never forget.  The European branch of Smart Movement has worked with Mercedes Benz, BMW, Sports Wear Companies and other high end and exclusive brands to create a unique experience for their top customers.  This is a service we are currently expanding in North America.  Our events are sophisticated, unique, innovative and make a bold statement about your brand and the importance you place on your client’s health and lifestyle.  We are a lifestyle brand and this makes all the difference for our events.  When your product is part of the Smart Movement your client sees the difference.  E-mail one of our experts today for a complimentary consultation, where we will show you how our Events will change the way you launch and market your product, but most importantly, change the way you connect with your client.