Smart Movement workshops present a unique concept of training and relaxation specifically developed for the issues employees and employers are facing in today’s corporate world. We bring a fresh and practical approach that will work for each person in your organization and help them understand the connection between a healthy mind and body and their performance and work habits.  It also helps them create healthy habits to ensure they are performing at the optimal level.

Tired, exhausted and burned out individuals with health issues and physical pain have a difficult time achieving their performance goals. When you have healthy, energized and happy employees you will maximize efficiency, increase revenue through employee output and achieve company goals. The knowledge and the training we are bringing to your organization will provide your team with the tools to make healthy life choices and changes, smart decisions both at work and at home and to reduce their stress levels.


Smart Movement’s special workshops will help companies and their employees understand and internalize easy daily techniques that focus on the proper treatment of their bodies and mind to ensure balance in their daily lives. Smart Movement uses a holistic approach by teaching individuals how to correctly overcome stress, achieve inner peace and balance in just 10 minutes of free time. Our workshops serve as a counterbalance to a stressful lifestyle, without taking all of their free time; we provide tools that fit in any lifestyle because they are realistic and accessible.. The workshops are designed to accommodate the needs and time constraints of your company and employees.  Smart Movement is portable.  The techniques you are learning in your workshop can be done anywhere; we bring the studio to your team!

Smart Movement workshops target the two biggest issues in the modern corporate world: