What is the #1 reason people visit their family doctor?

The Common Cold

What is the #2 reason?

Lower Back Pain

We have not decided to create a new cold medication, but we have come up with a solution to eliminating the second reason you are visiting your doctor.  Lower Back Pain is a major problem, 80% of adults report lower back pain at some point in their lives, and it accounts for the majority of occupational injuries, and activity limitations in the workplace.

What causes it?

In short, posture!  Did you know that incorrect posture could make your head up to 20lbs heavier than it needs to be?  In fact, for every inch your head/neck posture is overextended, 10 POUNDS of weight is added to your spine through your neck!  That is a lot of unnecessary weight and pressure on your spine, increasing your lower back pain.   This incorrect posture can pull your entire spine out of alignment, and affects your core and gastrointestinal system.  Your spine is integral to the balance and health of your body.  This is why the Smart Movement Spinal Health and Alignment Workshops are so important.


Our Smart Movement experts have designed a Healthy Spine Workshop that focuses on improving your spinal health and provides you with the tools necessary to change your body movement so you are improving your spinal health.  When you are in pain it affects every facet of your life, and when you have back pain you get an instant understanding of the connectedness of your body.  You cannot walk, you cannot bend, you cannot lie down, and you cannot get up.  Your spine is the center of your back and often the epicentre of your lower back pain.  By strengthening your spine you are strengthening the core of your life.


The Healthy Spine Workshop provides you with the knowledge and understanding necessary to ensure that you’re creating a spine friendly environment in all areas of your life.  The movements and realignment techniques do not require a lot of time, space or effort, it is about being smart about your movements!  Smart Movement is what we do!


Register for a Healthy Spine Workshop with a group, your office staff, yourself or team.  A healthy Spine makes you unstoppable!

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