Mariya Kovtun

is a high-performance coach/choreographer of Rhythmic gymnastics with over 22 years experience in the Ukraine, Bulgaria and Canada. Mariya provides athletes with the training necessary to reach the highest level of competition and performances. Her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology combined with her Masters of Sports make her a top-level coach. Mariya’s customized programs target athlete’s muscular flexibility, since this is the foundation for all movements particular to their sport. Mariya’s training will increase your flexibility so that your body can make the movements necessary for success. Increasing your flexibility will improve your muscle control, power, strength, agility, gracefulness and overall range of motion as well as reducing your risk of injury. Unlock the science of stretching, while training to win with this customized training program.

Mariya’s experience began in Ukraine; in 1994 she was a coach/choreographer at the School of Olympic Reserve. She consistently makes time for her own education and from 1998-2000 she took classes in choreography and ballet from the leading choreographer of Chernigov Theatre of Drama and Comedy, Mrs. Olga Shpakovskaya. From 2000 she was a coach-choreographer of Rhythmic gymnastics at Olena Vitrichenko Sports Club in Kiev, Ukraine. As a part part of the coaching team, with honoured coach Nina Vitrichenko and Bronze medalist from the Atlanta Olympic Games Olena Vitrichenko, they prepared wonderful and strong gymnasts, some of them were at the National Team of Ukraine.

Since 2009, Mariya has been part of the Canadian gymnastics world. She is a member in good standing of Gymnastics Ontario and Gymnastics Canada, and has received her certificate of Risk Management Program. She is a fully certified NCCP Level 3 coach of rhythmic gymnastics  and a Provincial level judge. Since 2009, she has been a coach-choreographer of some of the most recognized clubs in Canada, including the Kalev Estienne Centre and then at the National Rhythmic Gymnastics Centre (Salut RG) in Toronto, producing many champions at the Canadian Championships, Official International Competitions, Pam Am Games, Youth Olympic Games and Olympic Games. Mariya works with gymnasts of Provincial and National level. For years Mariya has represented gymnasts at the World Cups, Grand Prix, and prestigious international competitions.

Mariya has also taught Master classes at Hillfield Strathallan College, and had girls participating in Rhythmic gymnastics lessons. She hosts master classes of stretching and summer camps at competitive dance studios and different gymnastics clubs throughout Burlington, Oakville and the Stoney Creek area.


Spencer MacDougall

has been working with young athletes since 2012 when he started as the lead basketball trainer for the Grimsby Basketball Association. From there, Spencer was employed by Burlington Christian Academy as a basketball instructor working with private middle school athletes daily. Currently, Spencer is a player development coach and Director of Posture and Movement for the International Basketball and Sports Academy (IBSA), as well as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for King’s Christian Collegiate.

Spencer has studied Health, Wellness and Fitness at Mohawk College, as well as Health and Fitness Promotions at Niagara College. He continues his education daily, being personally trained in pilates and the reformer by Spela Perc. Spencer is also a certified TMG (Tensiomyography) technician, allowing him to analyze an athlete’s muscular profile and identify any imbalances or asymmetries and subsequently tailor a training program to their unique needs.

Spencer has done nutrition consulting since 2014, where he provides athletes with a wealth of general and sport-specific nutrition knowledge to enhance their body composition and performance.