The Smart Movement studio is the perfect space to experience any of our workshops or request a personalized workshop to address a specific need.  We specialize in team building and personalized workshops for small or large groups.  Our studio is a gathering place, where spinal health is the focus and lifestyle balance is the goal.  It is strategically located in a peaceful area of downtown Oakville, close to the lake and small shops and restaurants.  To experience the difference come in and take your first Movement towards a SMART lifestyle!

Smart Movement is a unique and innovative personal training based on intertwining many different techniques each representing an optimal training experience regardless of the participants age or fitness level. It is a functional and healthy workout, which tones the body in a natural way. Our training is never one dimensional, completely tailored to the individual user, and offers more than 300 different exercises. Smart Movement training will increase strength and flexibility, renew your energy and vitality, and give you a general sense of calm and well being.

Smart Movement is about you taking control of your body and mind, and changing your world in your own way. It is an experience that will challenge you and shape you like nothing else.