Professional performance training

For professional athletes, a sports career represents the fulfillment of their goals and is the reflection of their lifestyle. Professional athletes depend on the optimal functioning of their body – after all, it is the instrument that allows them to perform. In addition to concentrating on the training itself, one of the primary goals of a professional athlete’s training is optimization of the regeneration process and injury prevention; essentially do not let anything stop you, especially your body! This is what allows the athlete to achieve top results.

Smart Movement has created a training system, which provides athletes with optimal preparation for the demands of their sport.  We have created a system that perfectly blends GYROTONIC® and Pilates to help athletes reach new heights during their training sessions.  It is all about customization! Our program incorporates weights to ensure constant resistance, while allowing the athlete complete freedom of movement. Their body will engage in circular motions, thus enabling the imitation of any sport movements. Our method of training improves the athlete’s balance and coordination, but also involves an even interaction of the agonist-antagonist muscle strengthening. In addition to the efficient and balanced stretching of those muscle groups that end up stiff and rigid after the usual training with one-sided repetitive movements. By incorporating these principles in the athlete’s day-to-day training we help the athlete develop greater muscular strength, and improve their co-ordination between all parts of the athlete’s body. We also improve the connectedness and trust they have in their own performance and this positively affects the performance of elements specific to their sport.


The best part about the Smart Movement Professional Performance training system is that it is personalized, customized and individual. In addition, every client has the opportunity to be tested by our sister company Total Body Diagnostics, so our trainer will understand their body at the muscular level and develop a program that strengthens, activates or stretches each muscle according to their sports demands.

Many famous athletes incorporate GYROTONIC® and Pilates in their training, these athletes are from all different sports:

  • Marlene Ottey, Lars Riedel Track & Field

  • Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Shaquille O’Neal, – NBA Basketball

  • Timo Hilderbrand Soccer

  • Andy Murray – Tennis

  • Tiger Woods – Golf

  • Antonio Brown – NFL Football


Recreational performance training

Sport plays an important role in the lives of many people. Most of them perceive it as a means of relaxation that begins on a recreational level, but devoted and effective training can make the difference between recreational and higher levels. Although the goals set by amateur athletes are much less ambitious than those of professionals, they all share the desire to achieve the optimal functioning of their body (without injuries) and to experience a constant physical, as well as technical advancement in their preferred sport. Our Smart Movement programs provide athletes from any level with the foundation necessary for success. We can make your goals a reality! Book a session today and start training to win!


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