Are you tired?  Are you constantly rushing?  Do you need to recharge but you cannot find the time to slow down?  It is easy to get caught up in the stresses of our daily lives, and finding time to center your self is not easy.  We understand this and your lifestyle and have a solution!

One of the biggest problems facing people in the 21st century is Burnout Syndrome.  It affects all areas of one’s life whether we acknowledge it or not, and leads to feelings of emptiness and irritability.  You experience low energy, have trouble sleeping and have little interest in anything.  This attitude bleeds into your home life and leads to a disconnect between your body and mind.  Burnout Syndrome can be misdiagnosed as depression and people are often given medications that ultimately do little to change the situation.  Smart Movement has an affective alternative.


Specific symptoms of burnout include:

  • Having a negative and critical attitude at work.

  • Dreading going into work, and wanting to leave once you are there.

  • Having low energy, and little interest at work.

  • Having trouble sleeping.

  • Constant absences

  • Having feelings of emptiness.

  • Experiencing physical complaints such as headaches, illness, or backache.

  • Being irritated easily by team members or clients.

  • Having thoughts that your work doesnt have meaning or make a difference.

  • Pulling away emotionally from your colleagues or clients.

  • Feeling that your work and contribution goes unrecognized.

  • Blaming others for your mistakes.

  • Thinking of quitting work, or changing roles.

Smart Movement has burnout prevention, correction and rehabilitation workshops.  The program is customized to the needs of the individual, department, office or company.  Smart Movement’s instructors have extensive Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic training, as well as other meditative and core strengthening techniques, which have allowed them to create a mobile meditation.  This system they have created allows anyone to realign their body, re-center them selves and balance their minds in 10 minutes.  The workshop will give you and your team the tools necessary to overcome and prevent burnout, while improving morale and motivation.  When your team is less stressed and more focused their productivity improves and with that your revenue.  Smart Movement gives you and your team the strategies to create a lasting change in their lives and ensure that move in a healthy and positive direction.  Contact us today about a team building burnout prevention seminar for your team. 


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